Who are we?

This website shows the best pictures taken during the animal rescues and activities by a group of animal rescue volunteers in Venezuela, for which me and Andres work as audiovisual follow-team. Our work makes the activities of our rescuers acceptable within Venezuelan law. At this moment, Venezuela has very few laws regulating wildlife kept in captivity and almost no control on the few laws that there are. Wildlife found by individuals is often dependant on the goodwill of the rescuer, who most likely has no experience or information about the specific needs of that animal. On top of that, illegal trade of Venezuelan exotic birds and other animals flourish beyond the borders of the country, up until the United States and Europe and is a very lucrative business in a country with a lot of economic issues.

Documenting our activities allows us to stand out as wildlife professionals and gives our group accreditation and absolute transparency on the activities and releases. The several organizations that we work with all have one common goal: rescuing wildlife with the purpose of releasing back into their natural habitat.

Porcupine release team

Porcupine release team

ConBiVe is a Venezuelan association specialised in educational activities, social media and organizing events around conservation of wildlife and biodiversity. Past activities have included the international Beach Cleanup Day, planting trees in various parks in Caracas and educational activities such as Metrokids, an activity sponsored by Metropolis Mall in San Diego Venezuela. The organization is headed in Caracas by Drai Cabello and in Valencia by MV Federico Boede.

Plumas y Milagros is a foundation here in Valencia which has been rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing wildlife for the past twenty years. Just recently they received free of rent a large terrain in a suburb outside Valencia to start a rehabilitation center, which would be the second of its kind in Venezuela. Their focus in the coming month is the set-up of this center.

Brigada Rescate Animal is a brigade of young men and women focused on the rescue and release of animals in the state of Carabobo. In particular, their members hold credentials to deal with poisonous snakes. They are in charge of transporting most of the animals we rescue. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

Assessing the baba's data

Assessing the baba’s data

All of our activities are followed up by InParques, the Venezuelan governmental agency for national parks. The park guards accompany us to every release of wildlife and call our team if they need support for a larger rescue. Follow them on Twitter.

Cerceau Debilde is a small production company set up in 2011 by Andres Cerceau and myself, Tessa Debilde. When our first project, a fiction feature film, ended, we met members of ConBiVe and started providing the group with volunteer audiovisual support. While the ConBiVe team in the state of Carabobo gained more and more reputation as animal rescuers, our workload became larger and larger. Moreover, the group is about to embark on a unique project: the wildlife rehabilitation center for which Plumas y Milagros is at this moment arranging the final paperwork.

Our work is not subsidized by any government program or comercial organisation, we depend completely on the on the personal income of the members of the group.

All help is welcome. In specific we are always looking for:
* donations of food for the animals in rehabilitation: vegetables and meat;
* donations of wood and chicken wire, for constructing cages;
* monetary donations for specific animal surgeries;
* long term interns and / or volunteers.
For any of these, please contact me through this blog and I’ll put you in touch with the right person.

Thanks your very much for checking us out. Please comment, share and like.


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